About Lighthouse Designs

Swallow Framed Pendant

I believe jewellery should be distinctive, wearable, affordable and fabulous. With this in mind each piece of jewellery in the Lighthouse Designs range is created and handcrafted using carefully sourced, high quality materials including sterling silver, pewter, glass and semi-precious beads. Lighthouse Designs’ unique greeting cards feature pendants or earrings, transforming each card into a memorable and lasting gift.

As a native of the Shetland Islands where you are never more than two miles from the sea, I am inspired by the forms and colours of the natural world and particularly the wide skies, clear light and constantly changing sea which characterise this part of the world. I also find inspiration among the plants and flowers I cultivate in the hilltop garden of the home I share with my family in Edinburgh.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewellery to complement an outfit or searching for a gift for someone in your life, I hope you will find something to inspire you here. Each piece of jewellery you order will arrive wrapped in tissue in an elegant black gift box with the Lighthouse Designs logo picked out in silver on the lid.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch and if you place an order I would love to hear your feedback on the design you chose.

Lighthouse Designs